Electrical Apprenticeship


To become an electrical apprentice, you must first apply and be accepted to a training program.  Our program is much like a college. We take year round applications, with a time period of testing and interviews in the Spring, followed by acceptance in the Summer, and school starting in the fall.  

To apply you must meet certain qualifications.  

Qualifications to Apply

  1. Must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years of age.
  2. Must have a valid drivers license
  3. Must have a valid social security card.
  4. Must present a birth certificate.
  5. Must be a high school graduate, have a GED, or a two year associate degree or higher.
  6. Must have completed and passed high school algebra, or a post high school algebra course.  Passing grade is a C for the year.  If you do not meet this requirement there are ways to meet it.  Any costs with getting this requirement are at the applicant's expense.  

After the Application

So what happens after you fill out an application to us?  The next step is to take the NJATC Aptitude Test.  Our training center conducts these tests periodically through the year as needed.  This test is to measure your reasoning skills. Scoring is based on the standard bell curve scale that is scored 1-9 with 9 being the highest.  Currently our score you must achieve to enter the next part of the selection process is a 4.  

After the Test

So you took the test? Great! If you scored a 4 or above then you qualify for an interview with our committee members.  You will be set up for the next available interview date.  Interviews are usually conducted in the late spring to early summer.  

If you did not score a 4 or above, its okay! You can retake the test 6 months from the date you originally took it to try again  

After the Interview

So you made it through the interview so now what?  The committee will decide how many students we can accept for the year.  This number is based on the demand for apprentices to work in our general area.  Some years we may take more than usual, and other years less.  

Every applicant is given a score by their interviewers, and the scores are averaged for one general score.  The applicants are ranked based on this score, and the top ones will be accepted into the program.  You will be contacted to come by the office to complete your paperwork so the IBEW Local 436 can start looking for work for you.  

If you are not selected then your application goes into a file. This file is kept for two years so you could be asked back for another interview, or to enter apprenticeship if the needs of the work area change, or if other applicants reject starting with us.  


Right now our program has very minimal cost.  The Arkansas state apprentice license is $10 per year that must be paid by the student.  Tools are required as well.  You may either provide your own, or we offer a kit for $300 that has the tools you need to get started.  Your tuition and books are currently paid for through grants and other means.